Q&A with the founder

Q&A with the founder

Chrome Capital – Alexander Savin, Founder Q&A

Alex Savin

Tell us a bit about your journey so far.

I started my career with Bain & Co, before earning my MBA at Harvard Business School. After finishing my education, I moved to London with Bain, where I worked in their Private Equity advisory group before co-founding one of Russia’s successful private equity firms. In 2022, a few months after I cut my business ties with Russia, I set-up Chrome Capital and have since been deploying international capital globally in the US, UK and Western Europe. It’s been quite the journey so far and this is just the start.

What was the inspiration to set-up Chrome Capital?

First and foremost, I am passionate about working with and investing in international digitally enabled tech businesses. For many years, I’ve wanted to channel my time into global digital investments and Chrome Capital was the perfect vehicle to do that. As I mentioned previously, we are deploying capital globally including the US, UK and Western Europe. We are looking to invest in people and businesses that have a strong social purpose and whose technology has the potential to improve the way people go about their daily lives.

What has Chrome Capital’s main business focus been on since its launch?

As an ambitious international investment firm we have been sourcing opportunities across several geographic markets – US, UK, Western Europe and even some Asian markets. Our track record as a value-add investor, bringing a wealth of expertise to a company’s leadership regardless of our stake in that company, helps establish relationships and build long-term partnerships with the founders. We have been pleased with the progress we’ve made so far.

When you visualise success for Chrome Capital, what does that look like?

Our vision for Chrome Capital is to build an exceptional track record over the next few years of successful international investments and cement a solid global footprint​. We are on a journey that will see us join the ranks of the leading global venture capitalists that successfully meets the difficult intersection of furthering people and corporate purpose without compromising on returns.

Who are Chrome Capital investors?

Chrome Capital was set up to deploy funds raised from international institutional investors and family offices from the Middle East, Western Europe and USA, including institutional asset managers, pension funds and sovereign wealth funds. Our investor base is fully institutional with no investors from Russia nor any investments in Russia.

What are the key factors that differentiate Chrome Capital from other international investment firms?

Chrome Capital is an international investment firm that invests in companies that digitally transform the way we work and live. I mentioned it earlier, but we truly are a value-add investor and know the importance of building and maintaining relationships with the founders. We have industry-leading expertise that helps take early-stage founders to the next level using our experience that has propelled three companies to IPO and helped create four unicorns internationally.