Investment approach

Investment approach

Target sectors

Our primary focus is on digital enabled, tech businesses, including but not limited to Consumer Internet / Mobile Applications, Marketplaces / Classifieds, Enterprise and SMB Software, Financial Technologies. We also selectively invest in other high growth sectors.

Investment philosophy

The real essence of our investment strategy is people. We invest in businesses run by people who are passionate about making a difference, who believe in a different future and are willing to work in partnership to achieve that goal. We embrace those who think outside the box – who use technology to improve peoples’ lives, to democratise unwieldy structures, and to level uneven playing fields. Every partnership begins with a thorough deep dive into the relevant sector or industry so that we can truly add value to our entrepreneurs as they navigate their ground-breaking paths.

We are transparent and open in our approach.
We challenge and nurture.

We are collaborative.

Target investments

We look for businesses run by entrepreneurs with a vision to change the status quo. These are founders who are inventing the possibilities that change everyday life. We provide the insight and experience to achieve that. They will have high growth potential, a clear competitive edge, and a proven business model. We typically invest between $5 million and $20 million, supporting businesses and entrepreneurs at any stage from post-seed to late-stage funding.

Target geography

We have broad geographic coverage and we are ready to consider investments in businesses operating globally, in particular US, Europe, Latam, MENA, Asia. The digital sectors we invest in are unconstrained by geographic boundaries and provide solutions that are fit for purpose around the globe.