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Chrome Capital

Partnering with today’s visionaries to define tomorrow’s reality

About us

About us

Chrome Capital is an international investment firm focused on technological and high-growth companies that digitally transform the way we work and live.

Our collaborative approach offers entrepreneurs access to world-class expertise to help them achieve – and exceed – their vision. In doing so, we create enduring partnerships that are greater than the sum of their parts.

Our purpose

We help entrepreneurs realize ideas that fundamentally transform and enhance the normal everyday, digitally.

We are a value-add investor, bringing a wealth of expertise to a company’s leadership, regardless of our stake in that company.

We establish deep relationships with founders whose values align with ours to build outstanding companies that transform lives.

Our values


We create a network effect through close relationships with our partners to provide access to cross-sectoral expertise that helps founders accelerate growth and achieve their vision.


We make decisions based on in-depth, data-driven analysis of trends in sectors where we operate.


Our investments are enduring and our loyalty and commitment to our partners provides the platform for our combined long-term success.


Transparency is at the core of our business – we build trusted long-term relationships with all our partners and investors.